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Misaki Hoshi/ 21/ Girl, still
California, where my heart is always at ❤
Currently live in Tokyo.
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No make up kinda dayy.
denim on denim.
'Muricahh! 🇺🇸
Thanks always for the pretty nails💓💎💗💫 @cnt_017
The cutest bday letter from @yutan124 💋💋😹 #あたし23歳だと思われてた
Blog Updated! 
Encore Beach Club❤️
Home finally! Had a longass day today. Work, school, party, and gym. REPEAT!
Always with my bae😻 @yukkinanana 💗💗💗#xcloset #party #friday  (at X-Closet)
At X-Closet Party💞🎶😝Thank you so much @oggyogubone 😘❤️ おぐらさんありがとうございました✨✨#tgif #party #tokyo  (at X-Closet)

masculinewardrobe asked: Hello! I think your style's real awesome!

Oh wow thank you! haha